Privacy Statement:

This privacy statement provides information about the reason this survey is being conducted, the way in which information that is supplied in response to the survey will be used, the manner in which the aggregated results will be made available, and who you can contact if you have concerns or questions about the privacy of your information.

Why are we collecting your information? C3P is conducting this survey to learn more about the experiences of survivors whose child sexual abuse/exploitation was – or is still being - recorded, including experiences with internet companies that host interactive platforms that include user-generated images, videos or text-based materials.

What information are we collecting from you? The information that will be collected is any information that is provided in response to the questions posed by the survey. Each individual responding to the survey may share as much or as little information as s/he/they may choose. There is no requirement or expectation that a survey participant provide names, locations or other information, and in fact, the preference is that such information not be included. The IP address of the computer used to complete the survey will be collected to obtain and associate geographical information (i.e. the country where the survey participant is located) to the applicable survey response, and will not be used for any other purpose. However, we may collect, use, store and disclose an IP address if we have reasonable grounds to believe that a child or other individual may be at serious risk of harm or if we detect an attempt to compromise the security or availability of our website.

How will we use the information we collect? Survey responses will be accessible to C3P staff to analyze the results, find commonalities, and glean information to assist C3P in devising new strategies, and improving existing strategies, to reduce the spread of child sexual abuse imagery online and improve the overall safety of survivors. Responses will also be used to advocate for the rights and safety interests of survivors with industry, government and other stakeholders and creating recommendations for best practices going forward.

Professionals outside of our organization. Given the complexity of the issues anticipated to be raised by survey participants, some or all such responses may also be made available to select professionals to assist with performing the analysis and devising potential solutions. Information would only be shared with an external professional after such professional has agreed to be bound by strict conditions of confidentiality.

Translation. If a survey response is provided in a language other than English, secure access to such response will need to be provided to a trusted third party to facilitate translation of the response into English. If such translation is needed, the translator shall be provided with secure electronic access to the responses only for the limited period of time that is required to carry out the translation, shall be contractually bound to use the responses only for the purpose of translation, and shall be required to delete the information once the translation is complete.

Will the survey results be published? Results will be publicly released in aggregate form, meaning the responses to each question will be grouped together. While statements made in response to the questions may be quoted from in the published results, care will be taken to ensure no individual participant is identifiable.

Is my information secure? Given the sensitivity of the information being collected through the survey, numerous measures are in place to protect the information from unauthorized access, use and disclosure. For example, physical, administrative and technical security measures are used to protect all information submitted in response to the survey. Computer passwords, firewalls, encryption, access restrictions and other measures that protect data from unauthorized access, loss or modification are also in place. Additional safeguards and measures will be adopted as and when deemed necessary to safeguard the information provided and the participants.

What if I have questions or concerns? Any participant who would like to receive additional information about the privacy of the information s/he/they submit in response to the survey may contact the privacy officer