C3P Survey for survivors of child sexual abuse that was recorded/distributed

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection (C3P) is a registered Canadian charity focused on protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation. We are looking to gain further insight into the experiences of survivors whose child sexual abuse material (CSAM) has been recorded and potentially shared online.

By answering the following 5 questions, you will be providing us with valuable guidance in what can help to ensure the future health and safety of survivors as well as assist us in identifying further actions that may be needed in connection with internet companies and the removal of CSAM.

Our commitment to your privacy: We understand how critical it is that you be able to share information without sharing your identity. We have designed the survey questions to gather information about your experience only – we do not wish to identify you directly.

To that end, we will not ask you to provide your name or the name of anyone else, and we ask that you please do not include this information in whatever you share with us. We understand the sensitivity of the information you are about to share and want to assure you that we are committed to protecting your privacy at all times. To learn more about how we intend to use the information that we obtain through this survey, please see our Privacy Statement.